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Environmental scams and the people who pay for them

The Environmentalism Movement has become a powerful and wealthy cult like phenomenon. It has little to do with improving the environment, it is all about power and money and is costing all of us dearly.

We have those who travel the world creating large carbon footprints, spouting unfounded information while making huge amounts of money. Most responsible scientists agree that climate change is taking place as it has since time began, however they admit that they don’t know how and why it is changing. The doomsayers should be telling us how to cope with change rather than scaring us with unfounded information. Neither Mr. Gore or Mr. Suzuki is a climatologist. One is a former politician and one is a Zoologist.

The other part of the Movement are the professional protesters. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Canada has become an economic threat to the oil interests in the Middle East and Venezuela. There are many out there who can be hired to bad mouth Canadian oil.

Unfortunately for us, the so called middle class this Movement has been able to cajole our politicians into reckless spending. This has appeared in the form of the Ontario Green Energy Act. The Billions wasted on the cancelled gas plant, e-health and Ornge scams pales in comparison to what we will be paying because of theGreen Energy Act. This Act costs each household $1,100 per year. Taxpayers in Ontario are on the hook for $600 million per year for the next twenty years.